Monday, March 9, 2009

Xococava-Chocolate heaven

Picture 1

You are reading the mumblings of a very happy gal. What's with all that happiness you ask? Well, I have just discovered the best place to go for chocolate and ice-cream in Toronto. This magical place is called Xoxocava (pronounced Shococava). Located in the Yonge/St Claire area, this gem of a place is a cross between a dessert tapas bar, ice-cream parlour and espresso bar. It is small and charming, decorated with marble counters and a wall covered with broken dishes, this place had me from the get go. The very knowledgeable staff (they make the best cafe con leche and hot xocolata) will help you choose to your heart's desire between ice creams (hazelnut, meyer lemon, licorice caramel, espresso etc), sorbets ( pina colada, madagascar chocolate, texas ruby grapefruit), truffles, pastries or barista drinks. they have wonderful brownies and different types of croissant. Sinfully buttery, yet not greasy and flat like at most other patisseries in the Midtown area (you know who you are!).
The selection of truffles and candies would require a whole new post. With flavours like fennel and chorizo(just try it) truffles, quince jellies, candied orange peel and nougat you're sure to find something to your liking. I know I'll be a regular customer.
Hurry, check it out before word gets out and you'll have to queue up for hours to get some ice-cream to cool you down on those soon to be here hot summer days.
1560 Yonge Street
416 979-9916



Ash said...

Oh wow!! I think I need to make a trip there!!!
That place looks amazing!!!

Antonella said...

Hi Cherie, I sent you a e-mail on gmail address. If you need another information you can ask me it.

Culinarywannabe said...

I just emailed my husband and made him promise to take me here the next time we are visiting his family in Toronto. I need some kind of retribution for venturing into the cold! :)

Chef Chuck said...

When in Toronto that sounds like a unique place of major delight!!
Yumm Chocolate!

Junglefrog said...

It might be worth going all the way to Toronto to visit this shop..:) Love the photos!! Just found your blog through simplerecipes tip on twitter!

chuck said...

Cherie, this looks like a wonderful place. Hopefully, they will open one here in Vancouver. I live for Chocolate!

Apples and Butter said...

Wow. That looks like a place I would be at every day if it were near me. Maybe they will be successful enough to open up further south one day!

Miss Yu said...

Cherie, Cherie!

Have you been to Moroco Chocolat? I implore you to go. I will definitely check Xococava out.


Moroco Chocolat -



Cherie said...

Wow, I just had some hazelnut ice-cream from Xoxocava. AMAZING! If you all are jealous, you should be:)
Miss Yu, I have never been to Moroco chocolat, but I am going this weekend. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Oh... this places looks so chic, I wonder if they have one here in Japan?

Anonymous said...

Yes this place is amazing and also has a good selection of gluten-free goodies! Perfect for dessert deprived celiacs!!