Tuesday, December 22, 2009

South America

We've recently taken a trip to a place not so far far away. South America has been on my radar for quite some time. This trip had actually been in the making, so to speak, for several years. We started in Peru, than on to Argentina, Chile and finally Brazil. Although this has been a trip of a lot of firsts and some mishaps, all in all it was wonderful. We observed nature at its best, made a lot of new friends and had some great food. What stood out the most was the amazing ceviche in Lima (ceviche is the next sushi, according to some local gourmands, and who am I to argue?), steak and ice-cream in Argentina, beach food in Brazil and some outstanding wines in Chile.(Try Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, from Concha y Toro; soooo ready for Christmas dinner!). Flavours on the continent are generally very mild, not a lot of spices.
Most days were quite action packed with a lot of hiking, surfing (I chickened out of this one), sand boarding, swimming. And finally to end the day on a perfect note, we had something special going on almost every night. Whether it was great dinners in Buenos Aires, grill parties in Patagonia or playing guitar (and having way too many caipirinhas) till the wee hours of the morning on a Brazilian island, these memories will keep us going right through the end of winter. Or so we hope!
I'll be using a lot more quinoa, dulce de leche and raw fish in my cooking in the near future. I'm also looking for the name and recipe for the best lime and coconut pie we had in Rio de Janeiro, courtesy of some very friendly Bahian ladies. If anyone knows the name of this Bahian pie, please let me know.
And now it's back to business. I have some cookies to bake,truffles to make, a book to finish and a very stylish shrug to knit.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Photos by: L.N. et moi.


Christie @ Fig&Cherry said...

Fantastic photos! SA is high on my list of places to visit. The landscape looks spectacular. I love the shot of the little girl with the llama, I love photos of locals.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!! More, more...

Brittany (He Cooks She Cooks) said...

Beautiful shots! Machu Picchu and Patagonia look unreal!

Ash said...

These photo's are AMAZING!! love love!

I found the glass jars at a thrift shop in Oshawa. Everytime I journey there they all ways seem to have a box of the glass lid jars and soo cheap!

Happy Holidays!

Claudia said...

Can another continent be so diverse? And you haven't been to the forest!

Can't wait for February when I am heading home, to Rio...

I promise to go after your tart recipe but you got to tell me where you ate it!

Happy holidays!


Junglefrog said...

Amazing photos Cherie! I have been wanting to go so South America for a long time, but it hasn't happened yet! I hope you had a wonderful christmas!

lauresophie said...

what a wonderful trip you did! I am so jealous! lucky you!