Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lemon-yogurt fritters

I'm back after one of the busiest yet best summers on record. There was not much time to post anything.  This summer for us was the summer of tomatoes. Big, juicy, colourful, wonderful tomatoes. Served as bruschetta topping, sandwich filler, sliced with fresh basil, sea salt, olive oil and balsamic, or my favourite the once-a-week fresh tomato sauce. We had many lovely dinners of bucatini with crab and tomato sauce, penne rigate with pancetta and vodka-tomato sauce and so on. Tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have a very eclectic range, don't I? But now it's time to bid adieu not only to this magnificent fruit but also to my lovely, minuscule garden, source of many a culinary pleasures over the summer.
Now it's time for fragrant curries and warm soups. Slow simmered stews, hot drinks and loads of apple ice cream.
And just because I have a thing for deep fried dough, I'm going to start with these lemon yogurt fritters I found on a wonderful blog, Orangette. See the recipe here. I haven't changed a thing. It's perfect as it is. Read it and weep. Or better yet, make them. As in now!
This is it, proper soul food for the beginning of something new. Because summer is over. Crying, I am.


Chocolate Freckles said...

I am crying too!!.. But apple pie will make me smile! :)

Junglefrog said...

Ah yes... summer is definitely over...I do love autumn too (and winter) so not too much crying.. :)) Love the fritters!

Chef Fresco said...

Yay for Fall! Love these cute little fritters!

Ash said...

I know! I hate that summer is over!! That makes me sad.

I have to say these little fritters look amazing! AND with lemon.. oh my! I must try them!!