Monday, November 3, 2008

Honey almond semifredo with fresh figs


Why not start with figs? I used to not love them so much. But like so many things in my life (over the last few years) my view on figs has dramatically changed. If you can still get your hands on fresh figs this season, make sure you give this recipe a try. It is increadiblly luscious.

250g mascarpone
3/4 cup vanilla custard (I used PC Devon custrad)
1/3 cup mild honey, plus extra to serve
2 eggwhites
3/4 cup toasted almonds, roughly chopped
150 g nougat, chopped
fresh figs

Line base and 2 long sides of 1L loaf pan with baking paper. Whisk the mascarpone, custrad and honey until combined. Beat eggwhites with electric beaters until stiff. Fold in custard mixture to combine, then add almonds and nougat. Pour into pan and freeze overnight. Let it soften slightly before serving. Serve with extra honey and fresh figs.

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